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Welcome to!

A Website specifically for people who are current or future caregivers to patients with Parkinson's disease.

We know it is not easy to accept the diagnosis of a chronic illness that relentlessly progresses. Questions flood your mind. Do you die of Parkinson's? What is the prognosis? How long can the patient continue to work? He has changed so much over the past year or two. What took us so long to recognize that something was wrong? Will changes in behavior continue to increase? Crowding these questions are silent pleas for help. The spectre of what lies ahead seems so frightening!

We trust you'll find this site an extremely valuable source of information and references that will help you understand the nature of the disease. Just as important, we know this site will help you better understand how you can be at your most effective when providing care for your Parkinson's patient. You are just a click away from years of experience and insightful commentary on providing care for the Parkinson's disease patient.

Exploring this site, you will find that there is an extensive support network available to you; that Parkinson's is most often an extremely manageable disease; and that with each passing day, the prospect for ever more effective and long-lasting treatments becomes more certain.

Thanks again for visiting the site - and let us know what you think, so we can continuously improve our efforts in assisting you and your fellow Parkinson's caregivers!

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