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By karolinakitty On 2010.05.12 07:52
In the last few years as we have all heard the debates on National Health Care and the down side of Medicare, i was really not looking forward to dealing with Medicare once my guy got his disability. The rules, the regulations the limitations, having to get a prescription plan and all the nightmares surrounding it.
Well, now that we have it, have picked our pcp and drug plan, i couldn't be any happier!!!!
Now those of you out there who have had the best medical plans or even a medical plan can complain. I have no doubts that Medicare only covers a small percentage of things that you were used to not paying for. However, as one of those who did not have coverage, of any kind, for many reasons, i'm enjoying this.
When you are used to forking out $140 for a neuro recheck and then only have to $31 that's $109 still in your pocket. To me, that is awesome.
Now that we have had our drug plan long enough to see the savings, I'm elated.....
Requip XL cost us out of pocket ..$313 (county has a plan covering 20%)
NOW costs me only $103....savings of $210
Aricept $275 .... now only ....$58 $217
Don't know original price of his 2 inhalers or the diuretic since those are new meds, but for the three i only paid $17 ......
To us, while we are paying only $34 out of his disability for this plan, in one month we have saved over $400 which could easily be over $500 with the other drugs. Not even considering what we have saved for the doc visits... I say Thank You Medicare.
It's not perfect, finding a drug company that actually covered his RequipXL was maddening, i almost gave up..... but didn't. WHile there is a list, a main list of drgus to be and not to be covered. It always pays to give a little extra. You may find one that covers it all. I did.... and even if it falls off the list i know have the power, since it already has been on there, to fight, if it ever falls off.
I think one of our big problems is that we don't fight "city hall". We feel we can't fight the insurance, government and drug companies. That is where we are wrong. If we just spoke up and said HEY!!!! they would hear us, it may take a while, losts of writing and wording. Lots of calls. But they do hear you.
Those who make these, these "lists", have no clue what works and doesn't. It may be a group of docs and/or medical professionals, but as we on this board have found out, sometimes, they don't know unless we tell them.

I read posts here about Medicare not covering hospice or at home care, but, i have read and read and found they do cover aspects of it. You just have to go through hoops to get it. Is it not worth a little hoops to get this care though? I think another big thing that holds us back is time. Whether or not we can fit caregiving and government paperwork all into a 24/7 job. The run around can be frustrating but if we lean on organizations, already in place to help us with the maze, then we have done our part. If just one or two fight, for what we believe is right, then the next one coming along will have an easier time of it.

I hope i don't offend anyone, but i absolutely love the fact that he now has medicare and we don't have to pay out all this cash for docs and drugs. It so much, and in so many ways, relieves a stress any parkie or caregiver doesn't need.

By trapper On 2010.05.12 23:01
It's great for us Canadians to hear that things are working out for you Americans on the health-care front!

Take care.

By susger8 On 2010.11.16 08:09
Medicare is great, in my opinion. I have a good insurance plan through my work, but I don't have the freedom of choice that my Dad has, and I pay a lot more in premiums and co-pays. The prescription part of Medicare has helped Dad's finances a lot. If this is "socialized medicine," then I'm all for it.


By Emma On 2010.12.14 04:50
I agree with you kk, Medicare is great! My husband has been on it for several years now. We are fortunate that I can buy insurance for him from my previous employer as well so we use that as his supplemental insurance. We have mail order pharmacy available through that insurance so we get three months supply for one co-pay and all of his meds are covered. Until just recently we have never had one problem with Medicare. They did reject part of his recent hospitalization costs but one phone call to them and another to the secondary insurance cleared that up. Medicare also has a very user friendly website where you can check out your claim status. I think it's

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