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By jsmitch On 2011.03.08 13:01
The SPAMMER and HACKER attacks on the Forum have increased significantly the last 6 months. Manually verifying and deleting the login accounts these scoundrels create has become too labor intensive. So -- I have automated some of the routines which were being done by hand.

All this will be seamless to real users, but because I won't be hovering over the server all day, there is the possibility that one of these guys may get through and actually post something on the forum.

I don't read all the posts, so if anyone reads a post that they find suspicious or contains dubious content/links, please contact me so I can remove the post quickly and block that person from further access.

Some of you are already doing this and I appreciate the watchful eyes -- I hope everyone participates.

On a related note: By default, when you register, your e-mail address is hidden -- please keep it that way to protect your privacy.


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