For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By dear On 2011.09.30 21:01 [Edit]
I have been reading studies on neurodegenerative processes as it relates to diet and parkinson's. Does anyone have other sources of similar information as this is relatively new to me?

By lurkingforacure On 2011.10.03 12:22
A lof of research is linking inflammation to PD (and other CNS diseases), and diet of course comes into play. You can just google "neuroinflammation and Parkinson's" and will have reading material for weeks, unless you speak medicalease.

One thing I would note is that while most concur that neurons die in PD, there are those who disagree. That is a huge discrepancy. Do those cells actually die, or do they just atrophy, but are alive in a weak, sickened state?

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