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Topic If you have an AOL e-mail address - Pease read this Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By jsmitch On 2011.12.01 08:37
Because of AOL e-mail address have become the industry standard for SPAMMERs I am seriously considering banning all AOL email addresses from our registration process.

We have several legitimate users who have AOL addresses who I don't want to block from using the forum.

If you have an AOL e-mail address please contact me and let me know how this policy change would affect you.



By McCall On 2012.05.18 14:17
I have an AOL email address and only an AOL email address, so if you banned them I would be banned, I don't see that AOL addresses produce any more spam than gmail or hotmail accounts really. It is the person or machine not the email address

By jsmitch On 2012.05.19 10:58
Thanks for the feedback.

I have no plans to the AOL addresses at this time. But to your remark, we are not talking about the SPAM that you get in your mailbox, but the attempts low-life scum to gain access this forum and spew garbage.

This forum get hundreds of SPAMMER registrations or attempts to register daily.
I have several automated blocking services employed, but it still requires an extraordinary amount of my time to clean the system and prevent them from doing their evil.

The low number of legitimate AOL users on this forum compared to the creeps that hide behind an AOL addresses is significant. That is why I was considering it.

By parkinit On 2012.08.14 22:20
I am an AOL user as well. Is there some way you can allow the registered AOL users on this site and block the rest?

By jsmitch On 2012.08.17 08:44
I'm not taking any drastic action...AOL users are safe.

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