For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2012.04.24 20:18
If anyone is interested there will be a representative from NPF doing an event at:

Parkinson disease information
Tomorrow at 8:00pm at

go to the site..put in a name, you can remain anonymous like here
use parkie as the password. You can chat and listen or just listen...up to you.....

Not sure of the date yet, but the director of research at PDF will be talking about the gene therapy here in the US, commenting on the results of the therapy in the UK soon as I get the date I'll let ya know....

On this same site, the first Thursday evening of the month I will be doing a caregivers event. Starting with the basics and going from there. One of my guests will be an herbalist as I know so many are interested in natural aides. I also have several friends who will join me at times.....a few that have been caregivers for loved ones with PD, who now have PD..and others have been caregiving for 10 or more years. The time will be 7pm CST and go about an hour...if needed we can go longer...I am leaving that up to the hosts.....

This is a legit site.... for those of you unaware of it....there are several well known advocates on there. It is a grass roots effort and even though they bring in folks from time to time from the "big" guys most of what is being done is from patients and caregivers...

It is open, not just to patients but caregivers too. You would be surprised at how much they want a caregivers view.

Many have been there and done that in the line of side effects and both physical and mental changes as they take this walk with PD.

By karolinakitty On 2012.05.07 15:36
Just a reminder for anyone interested the webinar will be tomorrow night @ 8pm EST.....if you are interested what's in the pipeline for Gene therapy...Dr. beck will be there to answer questions.....

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