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By Lynnie2 On 2015.12.06 14:26
I know this has nothing to do with Parkinson's but our church group of about 10 has a Christmas party.
We are all over 60 and we usually have some games to play, e.g. trivea.
We also bring a wrapped present worth about $5 and put it under the tree. We each have a number given to us and duplicate numbers are drawn and we have to pick out a present and open it. If we see something that another person has opened then we can take their gift and then they either open another present or take someone's gift. If we have it for 3 times then it's ours.
My husband who has Parkinson's will be playing too, but he is limited to what he can do. He doesn't write much anymore or read that much.

Do you have any suggestions for a easy game we could play?
The party is next week, so appreciate early replys.

By bksquared On 2015.12.07 08:12
Naturally we play Bingo with the grandkids, but the prizes are holiday chocolates, the church group might like the chocolates too. There is a dice game, right, left, center which we each bring $10 singles to play - $1 @game. Gambling at church, LOL. We too play trivia, but in teams. We write down the answers then swap sheets to see which team wins. Slower folk are helped along by the quicker ones in a team setting. There is a children's game we bring out - head bands? You get a head band and a card (like you are a plumber, giraffe, rock star, etc.) is placed on it for others to see, not you. You must guess what the card says by clues others give you. In a group you can have three people in the front of the room and see who can figure it out, first, second, third. Mexican train is fun too. It is a form of dominoes and several people can play, and form teams of two to play. We used to have a Santa Swap at work, it is great fun. There is always one favored gift that makes the rounds. Have a fun-filled holiday.

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