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By lurkingforacure On 2016.01.28 20:04
The spatting and bickering I have posted about before is now occurring on a daily basis,. several times a day. It seems like my husband and kids can't be in the same house, much less room, without arguing. It got so bad the other night I left the house and sat in the car for some peace so I wouldn't go crazy.

It is exhausting, and a vicious cycle: the more they argue, the more toxic our home environment becomes, which leads to more arguing, etc. The atmosphere in our home is very tense and very difficult to live in. Our kids don't even want to be home anymore, what do I do about that? I can't have them out on the streets, avoiding being at home.

I've told them to just not respond to their dad if they are upset, but they can't seem able to do that. I have a lot of years before our kids are 18 and am having a hard time seeing how we are going to make it to then.

By Cindy On 2016.03.31 17:00
Hi, I am going through the same thing, except no kids ours are all grow. My husband now argues with me over anything. Right, now I am fighting to get him out of a house we shared with a brother, sister. I went to Florida, my 55 yr old brother had passed suddenly and when I got back, my POA and our bank accounts had me locked out & a new POA the brother. My things were left in the driveway!!!!! I called adult services & today got a letter that there was ( nothing) to investigate???? I can not afford a lawyer I don't know what to do. Hope all turns out okay with you. God Bless you & yours

By lurkingforacure On 2016.03.31 21:50
That stinks, and it sounds like you need legal help...most areas have legal aid where fees, if any, are based on a sliding scale. You might want to check into it if it's available in your town or county.

I hope you can get your situation resolved quickly, that sounds very stressful.

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