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By Mary556 On 2016.03.04 01:16
this is not really related to PD, but might be something to consider when a caregiver is trying to understand episodes of confusion /weakness that come and go or seem to appear out of nowhere. We are always wondering about causes... illness or medication or what. Another piece of the puzzle might be anemia.

Recently my Dad experienced some episodes that made me suspect overheating or dehydration. He was slurring words and very drowsy. then a day or two later my father had an altered state (unusual for him), confusion that lasted several minutes. He was saying things that did not make sense, repeating one phrase over and over. I thought it could be stroke or TIA and called for an ambulance. Dad was himself again just as the paramedics arrived and he declined going to hospital for evaluation. the next evening something similar happened; Dad staggered when he tried to walk and his speech resembled intoxication. that time I waited it out, just sat beside him and prayed. after a short time he seemed to revive. His doctor had ordered a home-draw blood test. we were told that Dad's hemoglobin was below 7 and he needed immediate transfusions to survive. He was in hospital for a week and a half, more ups and downs. Back home now, discharged on Monday. the source of bleeding could not be found so there will be another outpatient test.

Anyway, we have now added a pulse/ox meter to our toolbox, to daily monitor that vital sign, along with blood pressure and temperature. recommended to call PCP if oxygen level ever goes below 90%.
I thought some of our group members might find this device helpful as well.
the particular meter we are using:

God bless all PCPs and caregivers.

By olpilot On 2016.03.04 01:59
This is something I have had a direct connection with. 2 years ago I went in for a regular blood and colesteral test. I had the blood draw and with in about an hour I got a call from his office and told to get in immediately. I found out I had a hemoglobin of 6 and needed to get blood immediately. I spent 8 hours in emergency getting 2 units of blood. I had a incident of passing out, my wife said how pale I was looking. I should have known when I passed out but had had a bout of syncopic episodes. All I can say is to really pay attention to you body and what it is doing. They thought I had internal bleeding but after a colonoscopy, upper gi and even swallowing a camera to pass all the way through. Scary stuff but they found nothing. You need to listen to what your body is telling you.

By Mary556 On 2016.03.04 07:53
thanks, olpilot. it is reassuring to know that you weathered this same storm.
my Dad has an appt w/ GI doc today about the "pill cam" test.

By darby44621 On 2016.03.16 23:17
oh my goodness, my grandfather has had similar episodes, but no one ever suggested a hemiglobin check. Now I know to ask for that, as it sounds similar.

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