For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2016.03.27 21:19
I've noticed the forum has been pretty quiet, and am wondering how everyone is doing. We had a nice Easter with extended family, most of whom had not seen my husband in several months. No one spent much time with him, though, which was sad. He fell asleep after brunch, with his head on his shoulder, while everyone carried on conversations around him. It's hard to believe that he used to be the wittiest, sharpest member of his family. This is such a cruel disease.

So that's how we're doing-how is everyone managing?

By exhausted wife On 2016.03.28 05:50
We all face different challenges. My husband and I spent the last week at a hospital where doctors tried to determine the cause of horrible delusions. Fortunately we seem to have turned the corner on this episode. I thank God every day that when I was young I chose a job with less pay but great benefits.

As hard as it is on we the caregivers, I cannot imagine the drain on the patient. It is a cruel disease.

By VioletV On 2016.03.28 17:36
thanks for asking, Lurking...

My husband has become more and more limited by the cognitive deficits of Parkinson's. I try not to say the "D" word, dementia, but he brought it up the other day.

At times he is overwhelmed with sadness and terror as he realizes that his wonderful intelligence, which accomplished so much in his legal practice both for big businesses and for women fleeing mutilation in their home countries, is leaving him. He gets confused in our house - can't find our bedroom at times, doesn't know me at times, thinks we are in a hotel at times. It's just so rotten.

Myself, I'm tired, and sad, bored and lonely, as I give him all the support I can. I hate PD. Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!

By jcoff012 On 2016.03.28 18:45
For the most part, things remain the same for Carl. I have noticed small, often annoying new habits such as mindless clicking noises when he is concentrating, more irritability and less patience when both the grandkids spent the week last week. But, for the most part, we continue to take PD day by day.

As for me, since the stroke in Maui, my blood pressure is really out of whack, ranging from way too high to low, so we have been working on it every 30 days...He keeps telling me to have a less stressful life...I HAD to laugh...I had a stroke, Carl has PD, our daughter suddenly told us after 20 years she is divorcing a young man we consider our son, not our son in law, and our son's cancer is back and has worsened his lymphedema so badly he can barely walk!...So, HOW do I find less stress with a life like that?

Mostly, I stay busy, read, work on the computer, spend as much time as we can talking and being together while we can, and trying to use my art training to be creative.

Did I mention that out of the blue one day last week, our real estate management company called to say someone wanted to buy our home in the mountains and we have already had our counter offer accepted, so we now are in the middle of starting a 30 day escrow? 30 days! Gee whiz!

No stress here, huh?! So, I am still around, just trying to relax at night, etc.

Hugs to all! Keep up the good thoughts!

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