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By lurkingforacure On 2016.04.01 21:49
Does anyone know how we can access posts that are older than a few years? There was a member here several years ago named annwood and she had excellent posts, if I remember correctly, lots of practical information (I think she was a nurse). I can't seem to access those and would love any search tips, thanks:)

By Mary556 On 2016.04.01 22:54
lfac, try putting " annwood" (without quotes) in the search box at google.
initially it will only return one topic, but if you click where it says "show similar results" you should get more.

Best wishes and prayers for you and your family.

By Mary556 On 2016.04.01 23:37
just discovered something else: when you are on a certain topic, look at the top right corner, next to where it says "Reply"... there are little arrows that go left and right. Click on those to read the previous post or next post, chronologically from years ago.

By dans316 On 2016.04.02 10:04
A much slower method is if you go to the bottom of the list of topics, it shows 25 pages. There is an arrow to the right, clicking on that takes you back one page at a time. The apparent last post by annwood I found was on page 80, then there were posts on pages 98,105 and 108, that's as far back as I went. Obviously that's a lot of clicks, but it goes pretty quickly. These are only the posts she started, not replies she may have made to others.

By determined On 2016.04.02 15:36
hello Lurking (and everyone),

I haven't been posting (but reading for years). you have been an incredible resource for me, but some other time about that...

just wanted to extend the last post, since I go back to old threads from time-to-time as well.

there is a shortcut to get to a particular page:

where XXX is the page number

so to jump to page 80, put this in your browser:

of course as new posts are added, the content of what is currently page 80 will shift... but that still beats clicking the back button beyond page 25.

By determined On 2016.04.02 20:23
ugh, just wanted to make sure that my last comment didn't come across as flippant... English is not my native language, and I can be clumsy in writing at times.... dans, I hope I didn't upset you. I had to do that same clicking so many times that I tried to save some useful pages, just to discover that what stays constant is exact page number, not its content... that's how I found the short-cut.

By lurkingforacure On 2016.04.02 20:40
Thank you so much, such smart helpful people here:)

I have a lot of older posts to review, and thanks to all of you, I know how to do it!

By Mary556 On 2016.04.02 22:27
determined, it's nice to meet you. please talk more when you are able.

what a great, helpful shortcut you gave. it's always good to learn something new and to save time. You didn't sound flippant. Our dear Dan will not be upset. if anything, he will be happy to rest his clicking finger and he will give you some virtual ice cream.

p.s. how did I spend two years here without knowing about any of those little arrows?

By dans316 On 2016.04.02 22:44

Just glad you helped to save someone a lot of clicking. Unfortunately, I had no idea what page I would find annwood on. For me to go back to the last page I was on is easy to do by using my history of web pages visited. It's unfortunate but annwood is no longer a member of the forum or you could just click on her name and see her previous posts.
Since I liked "clicking" so much, I went back to the oldest page which was in October of 2000, on page 178.


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