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By LC On 2016.05.07 18:28
Does anyone have any experience with the Exelon patch? My husband's neurologist wants him to try the patch. We are starting with the lowest dosage in case there are any problems.

By jcoff012 On 2016.05.07 22:01
What does it do/help?

By LC On 2016.05.08 18:14
It is supposed to help with mild dementia.

By VioletV On 2016.05.09 11:04
My PWP has been on the generic Rivastigmine patch for 2.5 months, starting with the lower dose and moving up after 30 days. I think it has helped a lot with sleep, and with reducing anxiety/labile mood.

One thing that I THINK I've discovered is that when I changed the patch last thing before bed he gets a good night's sleep. If I change it in the morning instead, his sleep seems to be more disturbed. Just an observation and may not be what's going on, but that's how it has seemed to me.

By flowers12 On 2016.05.09 22:03
I wonder how the neurologists decide which dementia drug to give? My PWP takes Aricept/Donezipil, has taken for almost 2 years. It's not as effective now. I've been reading about the new drug that has just been approved for hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinsonís disease psychosis, Nuplazid. Has anyone heard anything about it? If my honey starts to have bad episodes again I'm hoping there will be something new to give him, sometimes he's not easy to calm down.

By LC On 2016.05.10 14:33
I mentioned Nuplazid to my neurologist. He said it would be something he would give to someone who doesn't respond to Seroquel. Seroquel did not work for my husband. He is on Clozapine. His neurologist said that at this point he is better off staying on the Clozapine since it works well for him. The way he described it was 1st try Seroquel, then Nuplazid, and last Clozapine.

By Busymom On 2016.05.11 18:17
All I know about Exelon is that it made my husband very sick, nausea, head spinning, just very ill, he could not take it...
But he seems to be very sensitive to most of the drugs they give him, takes a long time for him to get used to them, and he often gives up.
I've heard of Nuplazid recently, maybe it will be better, I will ask at our next appt.

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