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By LOHENGR1N On 2016.07.13 00:10
Just a reminder on hydration. In this hot humid weather make sure you both caregivers and patients stay hydrated! Even if We're mostly sedentary keep up the hydration. Activities of daily living with Parkinson's Disease has been likened to moderate exercise. Energy used in tremor, movement (overcoming stiffness and exertion of muscle to make us move) all add up so stay hydrated. If you use a sport drink to add electrolytes a good tip is dilute them half drink and half water (long distance runners do this because when over heated the body has a hard time coping with the drinks), diluted it is easier for our bodies to absorb the electrolytes. Stay cool and stay hyderated.

By LC On 2016.07.13 13:11
Thanks for the tip of using half water and half sports drink.

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