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By Daisy123 On 2016.12.12 07:45
Can you let me know your experiences with this drug please?

DH has been on Seroquel and Aricept for a couple of years but his neuro has decided that they are no longer working well for him and that upping his current dosage would be counterproductive. He cannot tolerate Exelon either.

Would appreciate your advice.

By LC On 2016.12.13 14:28
It has been a blessing for me. My husband had terrible hallucinations on a low dose of Sinement. We tried Seroquel but it didn't help. He's been on 100MG of Clozapine twice a day for at least 2 years. The frightening hallucinations have dissappeared. It is a labor intensive drug due to regulations. He has to have blood work once a month to check for problems. Fortunately we live near a hospital with a laboratory. They fax the results to his Neurologist and the Neuro then has to enter the results in the Clozapine registry before the pharmacy will refill his prescription. I live in Massachusetts. I don't know if the regulations for this drug are the same in every state.

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