For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Sheridan On 2016.12.31 21:23
Feeling overwhelmed. Working full time and caring for husband who has advanced PD. He is mostly wheelchair bound but can use walker when meds are "on" and these times are sporadic at best. When he is "off" he shuts down completely and cannot even speak. He is on and off several times a day. He cannot be left alone and has home health aides while I work. Well I took a fall on the stairs 2 days before Xmas and broke 3 bones in my foot. Husband was "off" at the time and it took us 1/2 hour to make it over to phone to call for help. Am in non weight bearing boot for 2-3 months. Thank god I do not need surgery. I am despondent to say the least. I know we caregivers feel this way at times but I really don't know how much more I can take. I have scheduled more caregiving hours as I can take care of myself but can't take care of him too. For a few days I was trying to push him around in his wheelchair while in my own! I just want someone to take care of ME. Am sad that is never going to happen and am tired of being responsible for every aspect of our lives. Not blaming my husband just feeling sorry for myself and what our lives could have been like. It is hard to stay positive when you know it is only going to get worse...

By Mary556 On 2017.01.01 00:08
So sorry for your ordeal, Sheridan. You have a strong spirit, to keep pushing and trying to help your husband from your own wheelchair. Down, but not out.
It is good that you will have someone extra hours to assist you both. One day at a time. Hoping for speedy recovery for you and comfort for your DH. You are remembered in my prayer tonight.

By jcoff012 On 2017.01.01 18:50
I hurt inside for you. Your post has me thinking that I need to make a commitment to better health for me, because I ached for you when you said *you* wanted someone to take care of *you*...that hit home...I realize you were venting and expressing your own need, but perhaps knowing you helped turn on the light for someone else (me!) will give you some comfort. I hope that I have as much steadfastness as you always show here, and am going to start right now! We can do this! You are a wise woman who has been the *rock*, but DO take time for deserve it! Hugs.

By flowers12 On 2017.01.01 22:50
I'm so sorry that you're having such a rough time. I'm often feeling the same, I just wish someone would take care of me, just for a few hours. My back aches, my neck aches, my hip aches, sometimes bringing me to tears. Sometimes I just can't see beyond the moment. This disease is a killer of spirit, a killer of hope. I sometimes hate myself for the resentful feelings I have. My hubby is the innocent one but the one that consumes my strength day and night until I'm empty. Family and friends who are not ever here to help say I'm strong. They don't have any idea of what they're saying. We do what we do out of the love we have but the love is tested over and over. I pray only for patience and compassion to get me by each night and day.

By carman96 On 2017.01.02 17:16
Sorry that happened to you. My worst fear is getting hurt and not being able to take care of my husband. It's hard enough as it is.
At least you know you will get better. Feeling like you need someone to take care of you is perfectly normal.
Hang in there, hire as much extra help as you can.

By moonswife On 2017.01.06 00:46
Ladies, I relate to each and every one of you. I am in the same boat as all you "sistahs" and I think we are taking on water and about to all go down. Work at work, work at home, work on spouse, fill the larder, cook, clean, entertain (??) and then field the questions about "are you taking time to take care of yourself" "why do you not ask for help?" (because it takes time to ask and no one is there in the dead of night TO ask) just seems to overwhelm. Best we can do is remember those we used to share these burdens with, that do not visit the their life changed drastically, just like ours will soon.

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