For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By IrinaV On 2017.04.07 00:40
I am happy I found this place as me and my family live in Bulgaria and here there isn't much support, if any, for suffering people.
My dad has Parkinson and it's getting worse. He's 75, he's been diagnosed for few years now. He takes lots of pills and he's almost never fine. He suffers a lot and so do we.
I wish I could only talk to people who've been through that, or who are going through I don't lose my mind too.
Thank you

By VioletV On 2017.04.07 15:17
Welcome to this forum, Irina,

Parkinson's is a difficult disease for the patient and for the people who love him.

This forum is a community of people who share understanding and support with each other. No one is happy to need this forum, but since we need it, all of us are happy you have found us.


By Mary556 On 2017.04.07 20:33
Peace be with you, Irina.
It is very sad when those we love are ill and we are not able to make them well again. I'm sorry that your dear Dad is suffering and your family along with him. There are many good people at this place who will understand your questions and tears and fears.
My Mom had Parkinson and passed away at Thanksgiving 2015. I found so much good advice and comfort at this forum that I keep coming back to read here when I am able. My Dad has been in and out of the hospital the last year or two, so I take care of him now. He still teaches me every day. We cherish these precious moments.
It is very difficult to watch our dear ones suffer.
Best wishes and prayers for you and your family.

By IrinaV On 2017.04.07 23:35
Dear VioletV, dear Mary556,
Thank you so much for the kind words. It's true, watching loved one suffer and not being able to help is a torture. I am so happy I found a place where I can find some relief. Yesterday I found a man here in Bulgaria, whose wife got diagnosed with Parkinson at the age of 36....omg...I am going to be 34 next week... :( Anyway, this man made an organization for people in Bulgaria, mainly in Sofia, where we live. He gave us some good advice. Actually I would love to meet him and his wife. And I start thinking of making a real support group here in Bulgaria for people with Parkinson and their caregivers.
I lived in Canada for 8 years and I came back last year because I was not happy there and because I was feeling how hard it is for my parents. I am so happy I took the right decision - my dad feels so much better when I am around. And my mom can take a break too. Because he is quite demanding, like a child...
He slept well last night, thank God!

By Elaine7 On 2017.04.08 17:40
It is so nice that you were in a position to be able to move back to be with your parents. I am glad that you are able to take some of the burden of this disease off of your mom. I feel sad though, that you have to watch your dad deteriorate as this disease progresses. And the childlike demanding can make our patience very thin. Or at least it does for me. This must be part of the disease, but it is very hard to tolerate day in and day out. I commend you for giving of your time and energy to help your parents, but I hope you are able to enjoy life too. This is such a relentless disease. Thinking of you.

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