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By Mary556 On 2017.05.04 14:52
"The VA offers a number of support services for loved ones who care for a veteran through the VA Caregiver Program.
You can locate a local Caregiver Support Coordinator or call the Caregiver Support Line at 1-855-260-3274."

Sharron and Pinki, thank you for your comments in another thread. I wonder if my Dad might be covered by some service-related benefit we may not know about. He is a veteran of WWII and does not have PD himself.

A social worker gave us a list of resources a couple of years ago but I do not recognize some of the names you mentioned and will look into those as well.

God bless every one.

By sharron On 2017.05.05 22:35
Yes, by all means check to see if your dad is entitled to benefits for health issues that are tied to his past military actions.

I suggest you contact a veterans service officer from the Disabled Veterans Assoc, Veterans of Foreign War or a state service officer. These agents will assist anyone in navigating the maze that is the Department of Veterans Affairs. They do this for free as a part of their service to support veterans.

Good Luck!

By Mary556 On 2017.05.06 00:10
Thanks for helpful information, Sharron. It is good to know those advocates could give us more guidance.

Yesterday I called the VA Caregiver Support number listed above. The person who spoke with me was very understanding and had some good ideas for us. She referred to "the maze" as well.

I am grateful to your husband and to all of our Viet Nam veterans for their many sacrifices. We will always remember.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.07 13:01
I have looked up our local VA services person and will call Monday to make an appointment to see him. I should have already done this.
Thanks for reminding me of this resource.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.11 10:13
I contacted our local county Veteran Services person. Because funding is thru the county and new fiscal year starts July 1, they are out of funds and not making appointments until then.
I'll call them back late June to get an appointment.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.15 23:51
Does anyone here know how care is paid for at a VA Nursing Home?
I understand the process and Medicare and how one's own assets are used to pay for care in a regular nursing home.

But I'm curious if the VA homes use the same criteria?

By sharron On 2017.05.16 23:26 This link should take you to the Veterans Affairs website area that discusses the bundle of care for elderly veterans. In the pages of that section there is a link that takes you to the State Veterans Homes. I don't know what is paid for by the VA. My husband thinks he will be eligible for full care, but we have not gotten close to that at this time.

You can google a veterans assisting veterans site called Veterans Benefits Network. This is a great resource of knowledgeable vets providing answers to questions to vets and their families in need of veterans services.

As we all know Parkinson's robs our loved ones of motivation for even the most important things (like exploring how Parkinson's made us eligible for needed benefits). So I spent hours on this site learning from the good vets there what was possible. This site gave me the ability to go in ask for exactly what were eligible for. It know how to work the legal short cuts available to get the approval from the VA.

I got the link to the Dept of Veterans Affairs Elder Care on that site after I saw your request.

Good Luck!

By pinki53 On 2017.05.17 09:35
thanks i'll look into it

There's a lot of info there. Now I can't wait till July so I can meet with the local VA services rep to see what we can do.
Last time I applied for benefits for him we were told our assets were too much for him to qualify.

By Mary556 On 2017.06.02 17:02
some good info is here also:

the Veterans Benefit Network site is great... thanks again!

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