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By jcoff012 On 2017.06.15 15:07

Carl and I saw the UCSF neuro yesterday and as usual, he had Carl walk a bit in the hallways. He was a bit concerned that he is now stooping forward more than he has in the past.

His simple advice that I want to share is this...practice holding your head up as if you are marching at attention and walk at least two miles a day. He said that if he made that small change, it would strengthen his neck muscles while getting him outside to exercise. He wanted to up Carl's Sinemet, but Carl still insists he can live with the tremors. He is very well aware of the limitations of long term Sinemet use and told the dr that he watched his Mom, so he would wait.

We also talked about jury duty. He gave Carl a doctor's excuse for permanent release from jury duty. He said he is being treated "for an on-going chronic disease which causes him great discomfort upon sitting for long periods of time." He told Carl that many people do not recognize Parkinson's as a valid disease, so he wouldn't name it, but included his name and contact information if they "required further clarification". Love this man. He "gets it".

By pinki53 On 2017.06.17 11:48
All of my DH's doctors and therapists have always encouraged exercise - especially walking. He will for a few weeks and then just quits. Same with speech exercises.

He has been on carb/levo for over 10 years now.

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