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By makrivah On 2017.06.21 08:17
This is one of the best articles I've read on the subject of Lewy Body Dementia; however, it may apply to other situations as well.

By Mary556 On 2017.07.11 10:15
thank you, makrivah. from time to time I think about eveything and still try to understand. my loved one did not ever receive a DX of LBD, but that always seemed likely to me.

One of the symptoms listed in the article linked above is "Capgras Delusion - seeing or thinking there are identical duplicates of people"... I had never heard that term at the time. Yes, that was one of the first signs of altered thinking for my Mom. She started to believe there were four Marys who lived here with us. After awhile she often did not recognize my Dad either, she would think he was his cousin or that he was her own father.

So, after reading the helpful article posted here, I read a wiki about this phenomenon. Mostly over my head, but what I took away is that there are two distinct ways that a person with this condition recognizes a loved one: visual recognition or emotional recognition. Visual recognition is the ability that was lost.

There were still times when I could kneel in front of my mother, put my face near hers, look into her eyes and smile to communicate my love to her without words... all of a sudden she would know who I was, the "real Mary". I remember one time when my Mom was so overjoyed to see me again, she started to cry. She cupped my face in her hands and kept saying "You are my Mary."

God bless all PWPs, all of our loved ones and caregivers.

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