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By flowers12 On 2017.06.27 15:27
Please tell me what type of elevated toilet seat is working for you. I'm going crazy trying to find one that is only 2 inches tall with arms. We had one that was 3 inches and had attached arms which worked okay but, not only a little too tall, you couldn't clean under it unless you took the whole darn thing off the toilet! It then cracked in two places from the regular toilet seat resting on it.

I've gone to, and called, a couple of medical supply stores and talked to a couple of people and I guess they just don't make one like I would prefer. I've spent hours online trying to find something that worked with arms and was easy to keep clean.

I know I'm ranting right now but I'm so frustrated with this whole toilet thing!

By 839Ellen On 2017.06.27 18:45
I bought a very sturdy commode chair from amazon with a padded seat which I put right over the toilet. Has nice strong arms and you can just pull it out to clean under it. The height is adjustable so you can set it to the best level for the person. I also have it for the time when he won't be able to make it to the bathroom and will put it right by the bed.

By flowers12 On 2017.06.30 21:06
Thank you Ellen, I had the OT out today and she also suggested this same commode/chair. She is thinking I'm going to need a Hoyer Lift and I sure didn't think we were there yet but now my honey is hardly able to stand on his own and I'm having a terrible time getting him in and out of bed and chairs. So sad and it scares me where we are in this PD nightmare.

By 839Ellen On 2017.07.01 15:42
So sorry Flowers. We're not in need of lift yet. Dread that situation. So far I've been able to help him get up w/o hurting myself. Hope the commode works out for you. My PWP has really gone downhill since his fall/hip fracture at end of November. Now needs rollator walker 100% of time and still scares me at times with his gait. Good luck to you.

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