For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Olympia On 2017.07.18 00:32
New on this site....and have been reading past husband has PD 9 years, and some is getting harder day by day... I read that pretty much ....we all feel overwhelmed...not appreciated....and have a huge list of demands from our loved ones... there are days that I would love to just sit down.... I literally run from the minute I get up to the minute he needs me in the middle of the night.... I have tryed to make our lives together easy....have done all of the latest and greatest...from coconut acupuncture....long for the way it used to be ... I know time doesn't stop for anyone....just wanted to vent!!.... I sure love him but boy is this hard!!

By Mary556 On 2017.07.20 11:57
Peace be with you, Olympia. You have found a very good place with people who understand and will try to help when you have a question or need to vent. Yes, being a caregiver for a PWP loved one is often exhausting and sad, day by day. That feeling of being helpless, when there seem to be no answers, one can begin to feel immobilized. I hope there will be more help for you as you go forward.
Bestwishes and prayers for your husband and yourself.

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