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By RoxannH On 2017.08.04 12:25
My husband had DBS Surgery in 9/2016 and since then he has been manic most of the time. He yells and curses at people when he gets upset, and has lost most of his friends. Which doesn't bother him because he was tired of them anyway. I decided we had to separate because I couldn't handle the angry outbursts all the time. Since then he has bought a new cell phone, a new computer, a new car and is signing papers to buy a new house (using his 401K savings--he is 55). He says he feels better than he ever has because he is no longer afraid. Does anyone know of anyone having this response to DBS Surgery. The Neurologist says he is certain it is not the Surgery that caused the change.

By fishing15 On 2017.08.04 20:38
It could me the medicine that he is on

By LOHENGR1N On 2017.08.04 23:43
Roxann, As fishing said it could be the medication and or the DBS settings, my guess is it is a combination of both. If you can let the neurologist know about these actions and the neurologist or who ever is overseeing the adjustments in the dbs! He certainly sounds quite manic. Generally mania is too much dopamine sounds like there is over stimulation is his brain and it is important to let his doctors know so they can try to balance the medication and DBS stimulation. That's my guess anyway hope it gets figured out by his doctors.

By Checkmate On 2017.08.05 19:23
Roxann, my husband had DBS two years ago.
When the neurologist changes the programming it sometimes makes him very hyper and we need to change the settings ourselves. We are given a 'range' that we are allowed to adjust. I agree with AL it sounds like the programming and or medications need to change. We were told that DBS can change personality. However in your PWP it does seem extreme. Your neurologist really needs to know in detail about his behavior. I hope you can find a solution soon.

By moonswife On 2017.08.06 03:56
Roxann, my husband had his DBS 8 years ago. While his settings would be adjusted, the programmer neglected to cut down effectively on the Rx. The neuro did and it made all the difference in the world. Crazy as it sounds, I had a stoic husband that became sentimental, sending birthday cards and calls to family, and doing nice things. But we are many, many years into PD. Right now he is in a hospital fighting infections that ANY ONE could get. But it is harder for him because I am the "pharma nazi " that watches his PD meds like a hawk, while the nursing and attending doctors worry about the other issues. I keep telling them....'ya just don't stop Sinemet because it is takes it's own toll.

By RoxannH On 2017.10.03 12:32
Thank You everyone for the suggestions. I told my husband and he is still working with the neurologist. At this point, I am not seeing any significant changes in his new outlook on life. But, I appreciate the feedback.

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