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By KatesDU On 2017.12.08 11:01
Hi! I'm new to this forum. Nice to "meet" you all.

My mother recently started taking Carbodopa - Levodopa and is experiencing severe nausea. I mean, completely debilitating - not like, "eat some Saltines" nausea. Her doctor prescribed Zofran to take with it but that didn't help.

Does anybody have any suggestions of how to combat this type of nausea? Any other medications you've tried? I'm just looking for tips that she can take back and run by her doctor.

Thanks in advance!

By Busymom On 2017.12.08 14:03
Hello and welcome
My husband had the same trouble with nausea, they tried a couple of things: they gave him a pill of just carbidopa itself, like a little extra boost of carbidopa, to take along with the carbidopa-levodopa, and that helped a little.
Another thing they tried was having him start very very slowly, like take a quarter pill at a time for the first week, then 1/2 pill at a time the 2nd week, etc, to very slowly get used to the medication. That seemed to help more than anything.
The zofran did nothing, if anything it made him more sick.
Also he makes sure not to take the pills at the same time as eating protein, that made him sick too.
Good luck!

By jcoff012 On 2017.12.10 13:50
The first morning he took this, I found my husband sitting on the floor of the bathroom, his back against the closet door...He was so nauseous, he wasn't able to get up...when he did, he vomited...I called his neuro and he told me to have him experiment with taking half the dose for a week, then slowly increase it...He, too, said to watch taking it with protein....That was almost eight years ago, and occasionally he still has waves of nausea...Mostly in the early morning, after the first dose and mostly if he hasn't eaten first. I guess it is normal, as I have read that a lot of people on the combo have experienced the nausea...ugh, I feel so sorry that the one gold standard for PD seems to be such a pain for so many.

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