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By jcoff012 On 2018.01.19 21:55
Today we had an interesting visit. They took Carlís vitals both sitting and standing. All is well, but there was a marked difference in his blood pressure. We know that this is an issue for many with PD, so the neuro advised he rise slowly, etc...we already were self aware.

However, he addressed several issues, especially Carlís lack of sleep and/or getting BACK to sleep late at night. Carl asked what he can do and the neuro told him he would prescribe a mild sleep aid, to which of course, Carl said no...So, they talked for awhile and the doctor told him to revisit physical therapy classes to relax his muscles and go to the Rock Steady Boxing classes several times a week so he would remove stress and tire for bed. Thought that might be useful to others.

He said Carl was doing well, did no upping of his meds, but there are indications the disease is progressing...sadly.

I wish everyone had a PD specialist like ours. One who listens. One who questions. One who does not overmedicate. We donít go back for five months. All in all a good visit.

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