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By flowers12 On 2018.02.07 12:25
I think my hubby has a cavity. I'm wondering what others have experienced taking their PWP to the dentist. Does Novocaine have any bad reactions? I'm just so worried that my hubby won't be able to deal with a dental appointment. Getting him into the chair alone will be difficult, I hope he wouldn't experience an off time in the middle of a procedure.

By greyeyed123 On 2018.02.07 13:08
Mom hasn't been to the dentist in a while, and canceled a couple of appointments we made for her. I do remember several years ago they split her appointment into two or three short appointments so she wouldn't have to sit for very long. Maybe that could be an option? Of course it probably makes it more difficult for you to get him there multiple times.

By jcoff012 On 2018.02.07 19:43
My suggestion is to tell the dentist. Schedule the appointment at a “good” time. You may be pleasantly surprised that your dentist may have had previous PWPs. My husband has been through braces, crowns, and is scheduled for a root canal next week...this is *my* dentist, too, whom I saw yesterday, so he scheduled an extra 25 minutes to discuss issues that might come up. I will come and stay to drive him home. We also got advice two weeks ago from his neuro. As my oncologist said YEARS ago, “I/we doctors work FOR you, so ask me/us anything. it is our job to put you at ease.” Good advice.

By flowers12 On 2018.02.07 20:24
Jane, I wish my hubby were in as good a shape as yours. My hubby has more "off" times lately than being okay. I haven't found a regular good time lately which makes it so hard to make an appointment. Next month we go for the Apokyn appointment and I pray that new medicine can make a big difference.

By aleccymru On 2018.02.08 01:26
As often the case with PD, the reaction may be unpredictable.My wife has had extractions, inner mouth stitches following a fall, etc. She is far more relaxed in the dental chair than normally - people fussing over her, talking quietly??? Go figure!

By LOHENGR1N On 2018.02.08 14:34
flowers, You should talk to the dentist to find out if Novocaine reacts with the medicines your Husband takes (also the Dentist might not use Novocaine but use another drug in that class of drugs) It would be best to discuss this with the Dentist. How Your Husband will react to the appointment? Well that's hard to say. I think most people experience the phenomena of when we get to the office our tooth pain abates and we question why we need to be there (I'm one of those people who detest going to a Dentist). That said several years ago I had to have a tooth pulled, I got there anxiety running amok, went into the room got in the chair The Aide left, a few minutes later she came back with the Dentist to numb me up and I was snoring away sound asleep in the chair! Go figure huh. Guess sometimes we never know what or how we're going to react. Hope all goes well.

By jcoff012 On 2018.02.08 16:28
Flowers, you are right, we are VERY lucky so far. Carl IS deteriorating a lot since this time last year, but we are still moving along!

Still, as I said before, make sure you talk honestly with the dentist. He may surprise you with his knowledge of PD. In any case, the best you can do is take it one experience at a time and try to prepare for several scenarios. I will let you know how the crown work goes next week. As I said, I have Carl’s health care PA, so the dentist scheduled an extra 25 minutes after *my* appointment to plan out the procedure. We decided it would be best for Carl to not worry about driving home, that his meds won’t interfere with the numbing anesthetic (he does not use Novocain), and he is contacting the neuro to ask about a prescription for post appointment painkillers, since he is on Requip. Good luck, and I am sure it will go well. Hugs.

By flowers12 On 2018.02.08 20:40
I called the dentist this morning and was told they would make the appointment first for an xray to see what was going on then would have to schedule another appointment to take care of it. They only work 1/2 days on Friday and Monday my hubby has an appt with the urologist so we have to wait until Tuesday. This is probably going to be ok hopefully. He doesn't complain about the pain.

Al, I will ask the dentist and the neurologist about the meds. I hope he falls asleep in the chair.

By flowers12 On 2018.02.13 20:23
What a high stress week so far and it's only Tuesday! Monday's urologist appt had to be canceled at the last minute due to the Bruno chair in our van wouldn't come out all the way. We tried to get him in our low truck but as soon as I got him in the seat he said he needed new underwear on. He had slight diarrhea and had an accident. I didn't try starting the van which I should have done.

When I went out to run to the store this morning the van wouldn't start. I couldn't believe it, called AAA and they came out and put a new battery in and finished up 5 minutes before we had to leave for the dentist.

No cavities!! Yeaa. The neuro and the dentist said there shouldn't be any problem with his meds if he needed novacaine. Now Friday we go to the primary care doctor. I wonder if we will have a smooth trip?

By greyeyed123 On 2018.02.14 16:14
Sorry to hear you had a bad start to the week. Things will get better. No cavities is good!
Last month I was thinking of getting a new caregiver for mom, and this month she hasn't fallen down (except for the retropulsion incident at the doctor) for a month (new meds seem to be working). I've also managed to wean her off about 10% of her lorazepam. These emotional rollercoasters are giving me whiplash.

By jcoff012 On 2018.02.15 15:37
Carl just got home from the dentist. He had a good visit. Filled one cavity that had cracked (old filling), but it went quickly and was painless. Great dentist!

By Lynnie2 On 2018.02.19 13:15
My husband had 3 cavities to be filled last time in the fall. His head is down all of the time which makes it rather difficult to get at his teeth and he drools so salvia builds up. (I am constantly wiping his mouth.
At first they put him in a dental chair that didn't tilt back far enough so we had to go to another room for a better chair. His mobility isn't the greatest and he uses a walker but I didn't take it that day.
I didn't give him his regular medication, as about an hour later, he's sleeping.
He got along alright while I waited in the waiting room. I wouldn't leave the dental office for sure.
After he was finished, the dentist and his assistant held him up while they walked him to the waiting room. We got his coat on. I had the car parked in front of the office and the receptionist was kind enough to help walk him down the stairs ( 6 or 7 steps )and out the door to the car.

My husband is in his 11th year of PD and 3 years ago dementia started.
He'll be 70 this year and while I'm still managing at home, I get help in different days of the week.
PSW's from the Alzheimer's Society come for a total of 12 hours (I pay for this help) during the week. I usually go swimming or meet with friends or do some shopping. I can also just come home and relax while the PSW looks after him.
PSW's from another agency that is supported by the government come 5 days a week to either wash and dress or shower him in the morning.. (I don't pay for this help.)
I could get help in the evening to get him ready for bed, but I haven't asked for that yet.
Things aren't easy anymore and it's a daily challenge as I know so many are going through.
I am also able to take him to a Day Away Program in another city which is $18 per day which includes a hot meal.
He really enjoys it even though he doesn't talk very much as it's difficult for him to express himself and takes a while to get the proper words out.
The staff at Alzheimer's is great and they make him feel special and even make him laugh. There is only 10 in the group and as it happens they are all guys, but some groups are mixed.
I get 5 1/2 hours on my own to meet with friends or shop or even come back home until I have to pick him up.
I formed a bond with 2 of the wives so we support each other.
It a 24/7 job, so I need these breaks and grateful for them. When they have Statutory Holidays, and can't come to the house that particular day, it is then, that you really miss the help.
The next appointment for the dentist is for cleaning but I'm booking it in April when the snow should be gone... I hope.
We've had quite a winter compared to last year. HURRY UP SPRING....LOL

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