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By fishing15 On 2018.02.09 09:04
It is time for me to get POA for my husband ,do i need a lawyer or can I print them on line and have them notarized thanks

By VioletV On 2018.02.09 15:10
I think it depends on how likely it is to have someone (any children or step children, siblings, him) contest it. I would start by investigating on line (remember there is medical POA and a general POA). Or, check with the area office on aging in your area - they are everywhere and free. Then if you need to spend money on an attorney you are, at least, informed ahead of time.

Good luck.


By aleccymru On 2018.02.10 02:23
I got a POA from a lawyer 3 years ago before selling our house and moving to current location. In setting up a Trust now our new Elder Lawyer checked the detailed wording to see if that was specifically included in the authorization - it was. That alone made me glad I hadn't gone the DIY route - well worth the reasonable cost.

By LC On 2018.02.10 09:32
I went to a lawyer with my husband while he was still able to speak for himself. We have Wills, Living Wills, Health Care Power of Attorney, Property Power of Attorney, and Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information. Myself and my two daughters are listed on all his papers. It was one of the best things I did especially now that his dementia is increasing.

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