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By jcoff012 On 2018.04.18 22:27
While I realize the Bush family has resources none of us have, her death makes me wonder...

When the spouse/caregiver preceeds the PWP, does the stress and the loss adversely interfere with the well-being of the PWP? Should we discuss this scenario with other members of the family? To be honest, it has never occurred to me before.

Carl and I, not unlike the Bushs, have been together for almost 51 years, so planning a life without either one of us has us both questioning the future. We have taken great pains with insurance, investments, etc., but do we need to prepare for this, too?

Take care. Carl is trying to learn to play the guitar by watching UTube videos. He just keeps going...amazing man...cute, too! 😘

By junipersage On 2018.04.19 14:15
Yes, I think so. We've always assumed that my husband would go first, both because he is ten years older and due to various health problems (Parkinson's being just one of them). But life can be unpredictable.

I have both medical and financial power of attorney for him, should I need it, but my worst-case scenario is that something unexpected should happen to me. Right now he could manage fine, but if he should have some cognitive decline in the future, he could find himself in a situation where he needed more care, but not be able to manage the logistics and financial decision-making to make that happen. So I've let my family members know that if anything happens to me, someone else will need to work with my husband to set up a new set of power-of-attorney safeguards. And if he does end up with cognitive decline, and I'm still around, I'll go ahead and set someone else up as a back-up. Right now our kids are still very young adults, so for now my sister is the logical designee, but in the future, hopefully responsibility will transfer to the kids should it be needed.

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