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By lurkingforacure On 2019.03.31 11:05
Our neuro has recommended getting a condom catheter for my husband because of the incontinence. Does anyone have any experience with these? Please share whatever you can, how you use it, tips for use, brands, etc. Thank you all:)

By Cordelia1 On 2019.03.31 22:09
My neuro recommended these, too. I'd be interested if anyone else has tried them.

By moonswife On 2019.04.02 14:51
Lurking and Cordelia, we tried this with little success. Not sure why, but could never use without a pullup style pair of protective underwear. Urologist ended up switching to Foley cath for rest of Mike's life. He asks every month if he can go without, and sadly the answer is always NO.

By Sheridan On 2019.04.04 22:39
Hello all. My husband has been using a condom catheter for at least 5 years with very good results. He has frequent urination and limited mobility and we were forever running to bathroom and up multiple times a night. Our trips outside the house were also very stressful as I was always worried if I could find a bathroom and all that entailed!
The caths were a lifesaver! We use Coloplast brand, Fredom clear type. They are self adhesive and roll on. Try to make sure to avoid trapping skin folds and hair if possible. Somewhat sticky to remove but can usually peel right off. Sometimes you need a tiny bit of Vaseline to help removal just make sure all that is washed off well or next cath
will not stick. Cath attaches to tubing that then attaches to leg bag with straps for daytime wear under pants. At night cath attaches to overnight large bag which is made with extra long tube which hangs over side of bed ( FYI I always place overnight bag in bucket on floor beside bed just in case of leak. Google Coloplast for info and they wii send a sizer and free samples. Your MD will write RX for Condom catheters, leg bag and overnight bag. My PWP has Medicare and they allow 35 caths a month and I get through local medical supply company. We usually need more than they allow so we buy out of pocket. By the way my PWP has never had a UTI and MD says use of cath does not cause UTI. Gosh sorry if I have ramble d on...hope this helps!
Good luck!

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