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By meow On 2019.04.07 10:26
My husband is having an endoscopy tomorrow. He has Parkinson's and has been suffering for weeks with upper abdominal pain. After many doctors and ER visits, the test is tomm. The Dr said it has to be done at the hospital because he can have respiratory and cardiac complications because of the Parkinson's?? I also read that anesthesia can trigger worse symptoms and or escalate the disease? I am scared, alone and have no where to turn. As I sit alone tomm waiting for results it would help if i had REAL info, not Dr info. Thanks

By jcoff012 On 2019.04.07 21:11
My husband has had cataract surgery with no side effects. He also has had two other surgeries since dx with PD. For him, there have been no ill effects; however, I understand that it is not uncommon to have problems afterwards. I guess I would say to trust your doctors.

On a personal note, when I went in for cancer surgery, I was concerned my high blood pressure would be a problem. When I met the anesthesiologist just before the surgery, he said, “It is my job to watch over you. I will watch out for you.” Hold on to that statement.

Good luck tomorrow. Be sure to eat something and try not to worry. I know that’s easy to say, hard to do. But, again, trust your doctor.

By Busymom On 2019.04.09 14:45
I can only say what happened to us, and our case is probably unusual; in my case, my husband (we now know) actually has Lewy Body Dementia; but we first thought he just had idiopathic Parkinson's, up until his back surgery, and we didn't know he shouldn't have general anesthesia due to the dementia. After the surgery he spent a week in the hospital because he couldn't "come back" from the anesthesia...he was awake physically, but mentally he was somewhere else. He had nothing but hallucinations of all kinds of scenes, and no awareness of who anyone was, or where he was at all. He wasn't supposed to get out of bed on his own yet he kept trying to escape the hospital. The dementia was very severe. After several days he finally regained some awareness, so they eventually discharged him and over time he got back some mental acuity but not to the level he was before his surgery (which was declining anyway). Shortly after, he was rediagnosed with Lewy Body instead of Parkinson's.
So in his case, the bad effects were due to the undiagnosed LBD...if not for that, he would have probably been fine.

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