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By lurkingforacure On 2019.04.16 11:34
I am so frustrated. My husband has ruined or broken so many things and I'm afraid it is just going to continue. How do I handle this?

They are big things, like our sectional and several chairs he peed all over (several times) that we had to pay someone to haul away, our window blinds, the door shelves in our refrigerator (he leans on them, and of course being plastic they can't take the pressure-those things are over $60 each!). They are also so many little things, like most of our dishes and glasses, remote controls, mobile phone answering system (had to replace the set twice already) several electric razors, binoculars, stapler (I don't even know how). It is maddening to go to use something only to find it is broken. We have large holes in our sheetrock where he has pushed against a door so hard the doorknob and door hook went through the wall. The other day he stuck a spoon down in the disposal and almost ruined that as well. This morning I went to turn on the water for his shower and he has pushed so hard on the shower faucet that it sheared off right in my hand, with the slightest pressure. I now have to get a plumber out here to replace it.

What do you do to deal with the constant breakage issues and stress? I know he can't help it, and I don't want to restrict him in his own home. We've been putting things out of his reach after we've used them, so they can't get broken, like our good camera and laptops, but it's hard to do that for everything, and I can't do it for things like a refrigerator or faucet.

Looking for suggestions, as I'm hoping we can't be the only ones dealing with this.

By Checkmate On 2019.04.17 21:29
Hi Lurkingforacure.
I totally get it. I have for many years now stopped buying anything of value because it would either be broken or lost. Many items have gone missing in our house and never seen again. The kids know if they leave any item around there's a good chance it will be gone or damaged. My husband is now in long-term care since January and I spend most of my visits trying to find or fix his belongings. His prescription glasses, partial dentures, land line phone, bed comforter , TV remote, watch and stereo speakers,have all either broken or lost in his room at the longterm care
So I'm sorry I can't give you any advise except to say your not alone...Hugs

By ResistanceFutil On 2019.05.10 11:54
I donít have an answer - but I thought the other day if I had a caregiver who's only job was undoing or repairing my husbands efforts to help, it would relieve much of my work.

But the other side is, one day he will probably be quite immobile and this wonít be a problem. Remain as cheerful as I can as the future will be heartbreaking....

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