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By reluctantcare On 2019.06.01 15:26
My husband sleeps for maybe an hour at night and then can't get back to sleep until 4AM so he doesn't get up until noon. Is this a side effect of the meds and is there any relief for this? Would a prescription sleeping pill help or hurt this?

Thank you.

By Shadelle On 2019.06.03 00:00
Have you tried CBD oil? I've heard its suppose to be great for sleep disorders. My husband is planning on starting it to see how well it helps his sleeping.

By reluctantcare On 2019.06.04 16:19
I haven't. But do know which is the best one?

By Cordelia1 On 2019.06.10 00:27
Hi. Before you try that, I'd check with the neurologist first to make sure that is OK. I thought the jury was still out on cannabis and hemp because psychoactive drugs interfere with Sinemet, SSRIs, and anxiety meds. Also, many PD patients have REM sleep disorder. Melatonin might be safer to try.

By reluctantcare On 2019.06.11 21:09
Thanks, Cordelia. He has tried Melatonin in the past and it hasn't helped. And he refuses to do the sleep study that the neurologist recommended. I appreciate your input.

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