For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By seeker On 2019.11.18 20:55
Is anyone caring for LO with parkinsonism--that is, the s/s of Parkinson but with sleep issues, cognitive issues, other symptoms? Searching for information about this particular path for the condition. My PWP, recently diagnosed, likely has had the issues for some years, though we didn't realize. Now with tremor, gait, cognitive symptoms, condition is evident. Interested in experiences of others.

By junipersage On 2019.11.19 15:33
Hi seeker, and welcome.

Sleep issues, cognitive issues and other problems can all be part of "regular" Parkinson's. It can sometimes be difficult to tell Parkinson's and parkinsonisms apart - sometimes the determination can't be made until after death. In general, parkinsonisms don't respond to medication very much, so that's one thing that might lead a doctor to suspect parkinsonism.

Either way, feel free to ask your any questions here. I'm sure you'll find many others who have loved ones with the same symptoms.

My husband also probably had Parkinsons-related issues for quite some time before he was diagnosed five years ago. He had actually seen the same neurologist he has now about four years before diagnosis for neuropathy in his feet, which at the time was unexplained. These days his tremor is pretty well controlled with medication, but he has a lot of freezing of gait. He also has some mild cognitive issues and sleep issues are our new one - this morning he got up and made "breakfast" at 2:30 am! Just when we've got the hang of one set of symptoms, we seem to get a new one. But we just keep rolling as best we can.

By LOHENGR1N On 2019.11.19 19:44
seeker, Hi welcome to the forum, Parkinsonism is the umbrella term under which movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease and similar disorders are grouped. Heavy metal poisoning (manganism) exposure to some defoliants (agent orange) and idiopathic Parkinson's (Parkinson's disease from unknown origin or regular Parkinson's Disease) We pwp have all had the disease for awhile as they estimate that 80% of our dopamine producing cells have died off before the signs and symptoms surface for diagnosis of P.D. (the general rule of thumb about 10 years.) In fact P.D. itself cannot be confirmed except by autopsy.

The path Parkinson's and or Parkinsonism takes seems different in different patients. We each seem to get our own personal set of symptoms. Some get non noticeable tremors (around 30%I believe) Dementia (present in 50% of the cases) also side effects of some medications can be viewed as symptoms.

Some respond to medication others do not They used to think it best to hold off giving
L-Dopa (Dopamine) because it was thought the window of effectiveness was relatively short (5 years average) Now they realize that is not the case. They've discovered if it works at first years later it is still working. So in this long roundabout way I guess it boils down to We cannot predict or tell any certain pathway of the disease we all differ a bit and we are all the same to a certain extent.

Again welcome to the forum you found a great group here who will help in any way we can. And yes ask questions we're here to help

By jcoff012 On 2019.11.19 22:30
Hey, Al, missed you! As always, a warm welcome and thoughtful response!

Welcome, Seeker. Feel free to ask anything you need to know. We are all at different stages of PD, but we can try to help you. Good luck.

By seeker On 2019.11.20 20:13
Thanks to all for words of support. Right now, nothing seems real.

So far, after 6 months' use Sinemet has made a quite dramatic difference, seeing gait and shuffling step/posture improvements. The cognitive issues reveal themselves mostly at home with just the 2 of us, which makes the condition hard to explain to others. And so many other issues at this stage of life.

This site is a wealth of information and I hope to access on a regular basis.

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