For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Shadelle On 2019.12.01 13:39
My husband has been complaining of his limbs going numb while sleeping. I am wondering if this is a new symptom of his Parkinson's or if it could just be due to an old mattress? He already gets the stiffness and has trouble staying asleep, but the lack of circulation is a new and concerning symptom to us both. Anyone else experiencing this?

By jcoff012 On 2019.12.01 14:31
Could he have neuropathy? I am diabetic and have nightly trouble with my lower legs and feet tingling or going to sleep. My doctors say it is neuropathy. I remember at my husbandís first session with his neurologist that the doctor mentioned it was usually something which occurs as the disease progresses.

Mine is worse at night, which is ďnormalĒ because you are not as active! Sorry if he is in pain or this is worrisome. I would consult with his doctor. I am used to it, so havenít asked for relief. However, I donít have the same issues as a PWP, so being proactive may easily save him from needless worry. Good luck!

By Shadelle On 2019.12.02 21:21
Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. After reading your post and talking more with him, it may be neuropathy. He has scheduled a recheck with his neurologist.

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