For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By leannerogers On 2019.12.17 17:36
My husband of 27 years was diagnosed with PD in 2014. He has extreme Psychosis & Paranoia, verbally abusing me for over 5 years. Accusing me of having sex with any male I encountered, co-workers, clients, grocery store clerk, plumber. I couldn't take it any longer, we moved him to Assisted Living this year. His family refuses to believe that he is delusional (even though Nuplazid was prescribed). They continue to let him make detrimental financial decisions including removing me as a beneficiary. I have met with numerous attorneys, I can't find anyone to help me. Can anyone give me advice?

By lurkingforacure On 2019.12.18 09:13
Hello and welcome:)

I would read through past posts here as yours is not an uncommon problem in Parkinson's. Many here will suggest, or have suggested in the past, to consult with an attorney to protect yourself, both emotionally and financially. Your husband may or may not be competent to make financial decisions, that is a big question that needs to be answered.

Just because someone has Parkinson's doesn't mean they lose all ability to make decisions, but it can be affected over time. You need legal help to protect yourself. Good luck:)

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