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By jcoff012 On 2020.09.02 15:30
As I sit here at the kitchen table listening to our Governor talk about issues facing CA right now, I had a thought...Why not ask you all to list a joyful moment you have had since 2020 began? There is such negativity in the country...there HAVE to be times of joy... I’ll go first.

COVID-19 forces me to stay in home isolation because of several underlying health issues. I miss my life; I miss my grandkids...So, my joyful moment(s) are talking to them on FaceTime! Just hearing about their day, telling jokes, hearing “I love you”, and even better getting virtual kisses and hugs makes for many joyful moments!

In that same mode, seeing the smile on my husband’s face and listening to them discussing Lego building together, makes yet another joyful moment!

What has helped you get through this? As is often repeated...we are in this together!

By poollady On 2020.09.02 15:43
My joyful moments are keeping busy in our store. We sell swimming pools and this year with the Covid thing and everyone staying home, guess what? Everyone wants one.

Plus our grandson moved from (get this) Tampa FL to Denver CO! So glad he is doing well and can work from anywhere in the country.

Hope you continue to find Joyful Moments!

By junipersage On 2020.09.03 16:57
Two things: because we have been locked down my daughter has been home with us full time, so we were able to get a new kitten to replace our beloved Maine Coon kitty we lost last year (she is around to keep an eye on him). Our new kitten is a little black guy named Salem and he has been a good friend to my daughter keeping her company and sleeping on her bed.

The other joy is that this year my mom turned 80, and we were not able to travel to the midwest to see her due to COVID. So for her birthday my sister and I planned a special surprise Zoom party. This would never have been possible before we all learned how to use Zoom for virtual meetings! We put out the call far and wide and over 100 people showed up on the call, from new friends to people she hasn't talked to in 40 years. They had a chance to say a few words about the role she played in their lives and it was very moving. Covid made us get creative in a new way.

I hope others can get in touch with their joyful moments too.

By ResistanceFutil On 2020.09.06 16:32
Aerogarden salads when I’d like with the freshest of lettuce.

My husband surviving a hemorrhagic stroke last Monday, surviving the unbelievable trama of being hospitalized, and then him pulling through & back home. Yes I get to face the toileting Challenges, but he can speak again, he’s back cognitively, and regaining strength. Time together to let him know how much I love him

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