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By jsmitch On 2020.09.08 11:12
Over the past couple of years we have seen declining numbers of both forum users and website visitors. This is partially due to increased funding from Pharma Companies with respect to PD outreach on the web and an increase in the number of patients/caregivers putting up personal web pages and social media sharing. Both have pushed out placement on search engines lower which makes finding our forum more difficult through the forest of pages out there.

Long story short -- in an effort to help us "get found" on social media I have created a Facebook Portal Page. If those of you who are Facebook users could share and like the page, it would help germinate the seed.

The page is

Thank you!

By SparkysGal On 2020.09.09 07:19
Liked the page. This has been a valuable resource - I wish it were easier to find. The FB page hopefully will help.

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