For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Checkmate On 2021.12.25 00:05
Hi everyone I hope you donít mind but I just had to share where we are at to people who would really understand. Earlier on in the year Feb/March we thought we were loosing the battle. My husband had delirium and stopped eating for two months. The doctor gave him three weeks to live. I took time off work to be with him and we all basically said our goodbyes. When one day he started two eat and really made up for lost time. Like eating two dinners and three sandwiches then candies ! He gained his strength back and the delirium subsided. We had a good summer. We dined on outside patios and sat in the park as much as possible. However lately his health has taken a dive. He developed endema, his feet Arms legs and hands are all swollen with fluid. His speech is very low and garbled and he is delusional. This morning I got a call from the long term care home to tell me they were taking him to the hospital as they believed he had a stroke. I met him just before the ambulance took him to reassure him I was in there. He has not had a stroke but has bacterial pneumonia which is putting stress on the heart. They put him on a course of antibiotics and he is now back on the long term care. He is such a fighter and has battled this decease since he was 46yrs young but tonight I feel he cannot win this round and I think he knows it. He has proven us wrong before and who knows maybe there will be a Christmas miracle. I hate to see him suffer but my heart is so heavy with sadness at the thought of not having him with me. Sorry for the long post but I just donít think anyone else would understand my heartache right now.
Love and hugs to you all I hope you and your loved ones will make wonderful memories this Christmas.

By poollady On 2021.12.26 14:23
Bless your heart, I know it's been a struggle for you. We will pray for both of you- mostly you. You need it more than ever.

By NoMatterWhat On 2021.12.26 20:01
Dear Checkmate:

I understand your heart is heavy and you are handling so much. This year has been a roller coaster full of emotions for you. I hope that being able to reach out through this forum helped. It is so bittersweet that you were able to enjoy a reprieve only to have his health take this turn at Christmas. Thank you for sharing this personal experience. I think you are being very brave. You are in my thoughts and I wish you strength as you make your way through these most difficult days.


By Checkmate On 2021.12.26 21:49
Thank you for listening and understanding. You are my very special friends. My husband continues to fight and this forum gives me the strength to fight too. I wish peace and happiness to you all in 2022 .

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