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By SparkysGal On 2022.02.18 08:46
I thought I would ask here because we had a situation with my hubby (my person with PD) Wednesday evening. He had not felt well all day long - tummy was upset. He claims because he had raw onions on his burger the night before. Anyway, after I got home from work he said he wasn't up to eating any dinner he was just going to go lie down since he felt so crappy. About 6:30 he called for me to come up I needed to see this... He was sitting on the edge of the bed tremoring severely from head to toe uncontrollably. He usually has hand tremors that vary depending on when he's taken his meds, tiredness, etc. This was just crazy. He couldn't get up by himself to go to the bathroom. He said it was very painful and he felt like he was chilled, but the tremors were more rhythmic? like PD. I asked him if he had taken his afternoon meds and he said yes. I confirmed by looking at his medicine keeper for the day. We were almost ready to just go to the ER when they started to subside, and finally after over an hour he was back to near "normal" status. He fell asleep and was ok in the morning.

He had an appointment with the neurologist on Thursday and I stayed home so I could drive him to the appointment. I was worried about him driving in the pouring rain in downtown Indy. We explained what had happened the night before and she said she really didn't know what may have caused it. She checked him out and had him walk for her, and asked about his balance, falling, etc.

Have any of you had anything like this happen? This is my theory... He had a slight case of food poisoning from the burger/onion thing he had and did have a chill, but because of the PD the chills started a wave of tremors - like for instance when my husband tries to clean the litter box and starts to shake the scoop and the shakes get worse and worse until there is litter and kitty poop tossed all over.

I am just praying we don't have a reoccurrence because this was very scary for us both.

Thanks for reading this long rambling post!

By VioletV On 2022.02.19 17:07
Sparky's Gal,
I'm not a doctor,
but what you describe resembles things my husband went through. Is he accustomed to eating a heavy protein meal? In some PWPs having protein close to the time of taking C/L can undo the positive effects of the medication.

Also is the neurologist a movement disorders specialist? From what I know community neurologists often don't know about the nuances of treating Parkinson's. And if she had no idea of what was going on, and didn't explore questions like possible protein interference and/or dyskinesia you may want to start exploring for a Movement Disorders Specialist. Just my experienced but non-medical suggestions.


By SparkysGal On 2022.02.21 09:50
Our neurologist does specialize in PD. She is top notch but was puzzled by his latest episode. She quizzed us on his diet, etc. My husband has lots of other health issues too, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, and heart. Thanks for the tip on protein - I think that factors into his day-to-day tremor ups and downs. Overall, he has been fortunate that the PD has progressed slowly. He's 69 now and was diagnosed at 46. We have seen a significant decline this past year.

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