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By poollady On 2022.07.01 14:32
Are any of you having problems with your PWP being delusional? Hubbly thinks he sees and hears people in the backyard hammering, sawing and digging holes in the ground. THERE IS NOTHING BACK THERE! He said "you just saw them go in the garage didn't you?" No, i didn't see anything.

So far he has called the local police (Who showed up and found nothing), his attorney whom he told he was having a property dispute. (NOT) and the local property surveying company and told them the same thing.

I called his neurologist who hasn't returned my call, and his family dr who suggested taking him to the Emergency Room for evaluation. She said he may have an infection causing it.

We are busy right now in our store (having a chlorine sale) so I'll have to wait til this evening. Will let you know what they find out.

By PDNewbie On 2022.07.01 23:39
Yes! We have been dealing with delusions and hallucinations for the last several months. They came on suddenly in April and my husband was convinced they were real. He thought a former employee was suing us and we would be destitute along with our children and grandchildren. He wanted to contact a lawyer and pay him thousands of dollars up front to handle this issue. He gave bags of food and clothing to my children to hold for us. He slept in his clothes and shoes so he would be ready when “they” came for us. It went on and on.

We took my husband to the ER and he was admitted to inpatient behavioral health.He ended up spending 5 1/2 weeks at 2 different hospitals. He is now on anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and anti-depression meds. He also had Electroconvulsive therapy ECT. It finally worked!The delusions are mostly gone. Hopefully, they won’t come back!

That was the most difficult symptom I have dealt with so far. That was also when I decided to activate our POA documents for medical and finances to ensure nothing disastrous happened.

I wish you much luck in dealing with the delusions, Poollady. It is such a difficult issue to handle.

By poollady On 2022.07.02 10:45
Well we spent 5 hrs in the ER last night. They ran a myriad of tests on him including blood, urine EKG and a CAT scan. It was after midnight and we finally left without waiting for the results of the CAT scan. He had to sign a "against medical advise" form, but we were both extremely tired. I was in pain and it was WAAY past our bedtime.

Apparently they couldn't find anything in the blood or urine. So here we are. He seems better today (no hallucinating so far)

Hope everything goes well for you as well.

By Checkmate On 2022.07.03 19:25
Hi Poollady I am assuming they checked for urinary tract infection? This condition caused many delusional episodes with my husband. Once they gave him the correct antibiotics to clear this up his delusions stopped. However, high doses of Parkinson’s medication can also cause delusions and hallucinations. They tried to decrease his Parkinson’s meds but this caused different problems so they prescribed other medication which stopped the delusions and hallucinations. I hope you find out what works for you.

By poollady On 2022.07.04 15:01
Thanks for the info Checkmate. I assume they checked for UTI but we couldn't (didn't want to) stay for the complete Evaluation. I will call the Family Dr tomorrow to see if she can tell me anything more.

Have a great 4th of July! That goes for ALL of you!

By AnnaGrace On 2022.08.04 21:27
Hi PoolLady and all, my husband had sudden and intense hallucinations several years ago. It was crazy, lasted several months, oh the stories ... Anyway, we suspected it was medicine induced ... not a particular medicine, but the combination of medicines he was talking. We tried a few adjustments, and it finally resolved. Never happened again. I don't remember what he was talking, but if your husband is taking multiple things or something new, maybe something to consider. Good luck.

By poollady On 2022.08.05 10:45
DH is scheduled for a brain scan with his neurologist Tuesday. Not sure if it's the combination of drugs or the lack thereof. Some days he just "skips" taking his meds and I gave up trying to nag him.

Anyway lately he's been better with the hallucinations. (NOt seeing people in the backyard)

I'm sure if there's any need for adjustments in the meds they will take care of it.

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