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By VioletV On 2022.10.13 10:13
I'm SO excited.

I've worked on my book for and about Parkinson's caregivers since shortly after my HWP passed. It's finally done, designed, and about to launch. I hope it's ok to say so here (this forum feels like family) and to say the e-book (for Kindle or the Kindle app on iPhone or Android) will be free for a couple of days on Amazon starting on October 25.

LOVE, DIGNITY, AND PARKINSON'S: from Care Partner to Caregiver by Terri Pease, Ph.D.

And, if you read it, I'd be delighted to have your review of the book on Amazon.

By poollady On 2022.10.13 15:29
So glad VioletV you FINALLY got it published! Can't wait to read it. I've marked my calendar.

By DaytoDay On 2022.10.13 19:02
That is such exciting news. We all wish the very best for you always. Itís been a long road but you have diligently pushed through and made it to the end successfully! I also cannot wait to read the book. Congratulations! Will give you feedback as soon as I can too.

By NoMatterWhat On 2022.10.14 23:20
Congratulations VioletV! You should be very proud. I will mark my calendar and post a review as soon as I finish reading. This book is particularly well timed for me as I continue to try and maintain a positive outlook. Cheers to you from a grateful member of your online family!

By VioletV On 2022.10.18 20:32
Thank you, everyone.

I never guessed how much work goes in after the words are on the page! Now I know.

I wrote this to be the book I could have used when I first started as a PD Caregiver. The support that I received here on this forum was my lifeline. I hope that this book serves as a form of paying it forward to caregivers now and to those yet to come.

I love this wonderful group.

By poollady On 2022.10.25 12:57
Hi Violet V. Is your book available in hard copy? I ordered it on Amazon but it was free on kindle.

I don't really want to read it on kindle.

By VioletV On 2022.10.25 13:53
Thanks, Poollady,

Unfortunately, only the e-book is available for free this week.

It is available on Amazon as a paperback, either normal print or large print, but not free.

Once I have hard copies in hand I may find a way to provide them for members of this group at a much lower cost than the Amazon price. But that will probably take 3 weeks for me to have the physical copies in hand.

Sorry it's not simpler.


By poollady On 2022.10.25 14:44
I don't mind paying for it VioletV, I couldn't find a way to order it that way on Amazon. I was able to download it on to my computer and I already started reading it that way, but it would be easier for me to just pick up the book and read it when I can.

From what I've read so far (The Introduction) it's already been helpful.

By poollady On 2022.10.25 14:48
Found it! Ordered it!!

By VioletV On 2022.10.25 14:49
turns out that the Paperback has a separate listing. If you scroll down past the Kindle Book listing, you'll see a second entry in Amazon for the same title as a paperback.

Let me know if that works?

The two listings should merge in a couple of days, I'm told. But Amazon has its own mind.


By NoMatterWhat On 2022.10.27 03:30
Hello VioletV-

Thank you for your book. I poured through it despite my unrelenting post -concussion symptoms. I celebrate you as an author, a professional, caregiver, and a survivor. What a gift you have given us - the truth; your truth. This work appears to have been born of tremendous love and suffering as only someone in your shoes, ďourĒ shoes, could offer. Your compassion is palpable. It is a beautiful work.

Your book will be tremendously useful to me as I look to be a loving, respectful, proactive caregiver to my husband with PD. You list resources and specifics which seem to make it inviting to use.

I have to admit to you though, I was not fully prepared for it. The book took my breath away. I feel safe enough here to speak up and reach out to all of you for strength as the gravity of this life and this future with PD continues to set in. I have noticed increased confusion in my husband and much more difficulty with things that used to be so automatic. I see him becoming a bit less engaged and responsive. He moves differently, with increasing stiffness and less range of motion and strength. I know I needed the truth and want the truth but it is a painful truth. I looked up from my reading to see my own version of this marriage with PD playing out. I pray for patience and strength.

I am sorry to go on, especially with so many of you in the midst of more urgent times. Thank you for letting me reach out in my weakness. Chin up and best foot forward now-


By VioletV On 2022.10.27 14:53
I read recently something that said, "if you only have 40% to give, and you give 40%, then you have really given 100%."

I don't see weakness in what you've written, but the realistic response of a human being giving what she can with an open heart. That's not weak. That's honorable and worthy.

By NoMatterWhat On 2022.10.27 18:59
Dear VioletV:
You are very kind and I appreciate that you understand that I meant no disrespect. You are greatly appreciated and you have already made a difference. Thank you-

By poollady On 2022.11.24 10:24
I received your book VioletV and just to let you know I'm learning stuff I didn't know already.


By VioletV On 2022.12.02 21:32
Thanks, Poollady.
I really wanted this book to be of service to PD Caregivers--to be the book I needed and didn't have when I started.

And, if you or anyone who reads it is willing to leave an honest review after you've formed an opinion about the book, that really helps it to show up when people search Amazon for books on PD.

Hope your Thanksgiving (and everyone's) was a good one.


By poollady On 2022.12.04 12:22
I certainly will VioletV. I highly recommend it to everyone who reads/posts on this forum.

By SparkysGal On 2023.03.02 18:50
I finally finished reading your book. It has been especially meaningful to me as things with my PWP have been declining lately. I did leave a review on Amazon. I can honestly say if I meet anyone who has a PWP I will recommend or even buy your book for them. Yes itís that good! Thank you for all the effort you put into this book. The title is perfect by the way.

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