Parkinson’s disease Support Groups

Some people may have difficulty coping with Parkinson’s disease. It may be hard for them to ask their doctor questions or talk about their problems with family or friends. A support group may be just the right answer. Many patients have gained encouragement from meeting with others who have Parkinson’s disease. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss experiences and feelings and to share solutions to common problems.

The National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) has over 1000 active Support Groups throughout the United States and Canada. Most Groups meet once a month, however some groups meet twice a month or even weekly. Since its inception in 1994, the NPF Support Group Network has had tremendous growth.

Find a support group near you

The NPF has an online form which will allow you to search by zip code for Parkinson resources in your area. In order to find a support group using this form, you must type in “Support Group” in the main search field in order to filter out all the other types of resources in the database.

Click here for Search Form.

There may not be an existing Support Groups in your area. If you are interested in starting a group or just want to find out about events in your area, we encourage you to call the National Parkinson Foundation at 1-800-327-4545 ext. 7697.

Click here for a listing of International Parkinsons disease Support Groups in Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) format.